About Me

This is me… Mark Lee.

Putting it simply, I don’t like to take anything too serious… both a gift and a flaw in life! 

I decided to look into trading way back in 2009 after buying my first shares, actually a bunch of shares bought for a group of colleagues. I kinda enjoyed it.

Eventually I took a couple of courses to learn to trade professionally. Which I never really did… I didn’t take it seriously enough. 

But over the years I’m becoming more and more frustrated at the longer and ever increasing working hours of having a job! Finances have been crap and I hate that life has become so serious…

Trading, spread betting, forex, shares; these have always been at the back of my mind. There’s still an interest! Coupled with seeing some other traders I met on courses now happily spending their wealth on Audi sports cars and Rolex watches (bastards… I’m only jealous!) while I drive my 10 year old super sexy Avensis Estate (well the dog likes the boot space at least) and wearing a FitBit upon my wrist! 

So, back to trying to apply the lessons I previously learnt at a time in my life where I *think* I can commit to trading again…

Follow me or don’t! I’m here mainly for my own journal, be it trading strategies and chart analysis or even mindset… which plays a HUGE part in how you succeed in ANYTHING. 

It would be great to help others along the way. There’s not a lot I can offer right now, but it may benefit others to have a go too. I’d be made up if others would join in and participate, or even offer support! 

Have fun, enjoy life, never stop dreaming, and don’t take shit too seriously! 

Mark Lee

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